• Garden centre insurance

    An insurance product specifically created with your industry in mind

Garden centre insurance

Garden centre insurance

Why settle for anything less?

When you have spent time and effort cultivating and nurturing your business you want to ensure that unforeseen and unexpected events don't blow you off course.

The Towergate Allseasons Garden Centre Scheme has been developed to protect businesses like yours. It is specialist insurance from insurance specialists and is already the preferred scheme for many of the UK's major garden centres.

The Allseasons policy has many optional benefits selected specifically with your industry in mind. These can include:

  • Wide cover for stock in the open including theft
  • Glass cover including weight of snow on glasshouses
  • Automatic seasonal stock increase of 25%
  • 20% seasonal increase on money cover (if selected)
  • Cover for target stock with the first £7,500 per site included free of charge
  • Deterioration of refrigerated/frozen stock with up to £5,000 included free of charge
  • 24 month indemnity period for business interruption given as standard with additional increased cost of working at £50,000 and £25,000 loss of rent included free of charge
  • Cover for environmental statutory clean-up costs*
  • Interest free instalments over 12 months

* Subject to satisfactory completion of additional questionnaire

We can also offer quotations for Director's and Officers Insurance for Partnerships.

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